Use a computer

Your library has public use computers available at all times the library is open. These computers have full Internet access and word processing programs using Google Docs.

Our computers are available to all residents of Monroe and the surrounding area.  You do NOT need a Monroe library card.  All first time users of the computers are required to sign a computer and Internet user form.  After the first use each time you come to use the computer you only have to sign in the log book at the main desk.

You may use the computer for a period of 60 minutes and if no one is waiting to use a computer you may use the computer for a longer period.  If someone is waiting to use a computer and you have used your 60 minutes you will have get off the computer so the next person can have their turn.

Our computers have NO filter software controlling Internet access so parents need to be aware when allowing their children to use the library computers.  Anyone accessing unsuitable or offensive sites may have their computer privileges revoked for a period of time.  This is detailed on the computer user form.